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How to Get a Job With Little to No Experience

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Get tips and strategies to landing a job when you have little to no experience. FREE detailed step-by-step below.

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I have had many jobs in my lifetime and it's really not difficult to get a job. It's all about strategy and attitude and less to do with experience.

I barely remember what my first job was because I've had so many "first jobs". Every single time I applied to a job, it was considered a first, because I had no experience or skills to land the job in the first place.

So what got me hired?

I could do whatever they asked me to.

No, I did not know how to do what the job entailed before they hired me. I barely understood what they talked about.

But I learned how to do it, when I began working at these companies.

This is how you need to view jobs. Unless the position is highly specialized, you don't need a whole lot of experience or skills to land that position. You'll learn it as you go.

So, this means...

First, let go of that fear of not knowing anything. We all don't know anything when we haven't done the job yet.

Second, understand that you'll learn it once you're there.

Third, have confidence in yourself that you can do and learn anything.

When you're desperate to keep the job, you will do whatever it takes to learn it and learn it fast.

But in order to get to the point of being hired, you need steps and strategies.


1. Clean Up Your Social Media

65% of companies research applicants on social media and 51% of them utilize public posts to see if applicants are appropriate for the position

It is vitally important that your online presence does not have things that would make you someone a company doesn't want to hire.

It doesn't matter if the job you're applying for is for you to be a professional jungle man eating bugs for a year, you still need to have a cleaner social media presence.

If you need help scrubbing your social media presence, check Scrubber out.

8 Times Candidates Didn't Get Hired Because of Something They Did On Social Media

2. Get on LinkedIn

122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.

LinkedIn is where the recruiters are at. They're there lurking waiting for someone awesome like you to show up.

But you have to be on LinkedIn and make yourself visible and irresistible for them to hire you.

If you haven't read how to make yourself visible and irresistible on LinkedIn make sure you follow the steps here.

For someone who doesn't have any working experience at all--do not fret.

Write every volunteer experience you've had on your resume. However, you still need to word it to make it sound spectacular.

Refer to this article on how to phrase your experience to make it look awesome.

3. Research the Company

47% of interviewers said that they wouldn't offer the job to a candidate if they had little knowledge of the company

Now that you've made yourself an upstanding citizen on social media and looking irresistible on LInkedIn, it's time for you to research about the company you're looking to apply to or interview with.

Teens researching
Research a Company

Researching on a company shows initiative and that you really care on doing your due diligence before the interview.

I've had so many interviews where I wow the interviewer with factoids on the company that they always want to hire me despite my lack of qualifications for certain positions.

And don't just recite the facts as if you're reading off of a teleprompter.

Make sure when you say what you know about the company, say it with enthusiasm as if you just found out that you're working at a Chocolate Factory where you get a never-ending supply of chocolate and you'll never ever get fat because they have some secret slimming ingredient.

How to Research a Company for a Job Interview

What if you're not even in the interview stage yet?

If you're just on the just-applying stage, you can still use research to your advantage by adding what you know in your cover letter.

Please don't write a dissertation, it will bore anyone to death.

Just write a blurb about your excitement about the company in your cover letter.

Remember a cover letter is not to beg anyone that you should be hired.

A cover letter should always showcase your awesomeness.

It should highlight all the great things you've accomplished in a work or volunteer environment and how those skills would be applicable to the position you're applying for.

You should also state how those skills and experiences would be very beneficial to the company.

The hiring company is always looking to see how you can benefit them and never the other way around.

How to Write a Cover Letter

4. Get to Know Yourself

Know your strengths and weaknesses and what makes you special than the rest.

Believe it or not you get asked questions like, "What are your strengths? And what are your weaknesses?"

Guy looking at his reflection
Know Yourself

This is a loaded question!

The strengths are okay, but the weaknesses will kill.

We all have weaknesses, people don't need to know every weakness you have. They only want to know what your weaknesses are in a professional setting.

A good rule of thumb is, find a weakness that looks like a strength. For example, you can say, "My weakness is I work too much and I don't know how to stop. I just want to make sure the job I do is done well, but people have said I need to know when to quit. So I'm working on that."

See. (wink, wink). Now you sound too awesome for words.

Everybody is special. But you need to know what makes you special. Any skills that would stand out would be really helpful.

For example, let's say that you are an avid fan of social media and you post like there's going to be a shortage of photos in the world on Instagram, you can actually brag about your Social Media skills--a much needed skill in this day an age.

Even if the position you're applying for has nothing to do with social media, it's good to bring this up your awe-inspiring skills.

Say something like:

"I'm highly adept at social media marketing. I know the ins and outs of each social media platform, what makes people follow and subscribe, what content to put out to get the most out of your brand presence. I'm sure your company needs someone like me to navigate through these platforms. And if you already have a digital marketing specialist to do this, I'd be happy to still volunteer my services to give another take on my demographics. Another pair of eyes wouldn't hurt."

Then bow. Because you just made a brilliant speech.

Your Ultimate Guide to Answering the Most Common Interview Questions

5. Practice answering interview questions

Coming prepared is one of the keys to getting hired

Not only should you read up on the company but also know the common interview questions like the link above.

Practice your answers with your friends.

Practice your answers with your family.

Practice your answers with your dog Baby Fuzzy Bear while doing a selfie of yourself in the mirror. Whatever floats your boat.

Girl and dog
Practice with someone who has no choice but to listen

You just need to know these questions like the back of your hand, so when the time comes it just flows out of your mouth like you've been doing this forever.

And this shows confidence. How many people who aren't qualified for the position get the job all because they had so much confidence in themselves?


I'm one of them. How do you think I had so many jobs? I jumped from one job to the next just because I knew I could get them.

Disclaimer: Don't do what I did by job hopping too much. Unless that's your thing too and you also suffer from a case of occupational curiosity.

It's a mindset. Get it into your head that you're amazing and companies should be so lucky to have you.

But please don't be cocky. Confidence and cockiness are not the same thing.

A confident person is someone people want to work with and hang out with.

A cocky person is someone people want to stay away from.

Be kind. Be courteous. And be respectful. Those three things go a long way in an interview and in any situation in life!

6. Dress the Part

You need to dress to make the best impression

You only have one chance to make that first impression. So unless you are up for an interview as a dirigible pilot for an 1800's Victorian steampunk company in an alternate world, please don't wear the ones below:

Pilots for Hire

What to wear depends on the company you're interviewing with.

Here are the Best Outfits for Job Interviews

7. Network and Connect with Recruiters

You will have a better chance at getting a job through networking and connecting with recruiters

Face-to-face networking (or in these times that we are living in--video calls) are a lot more effective than just applying for jobs you see online.

Most of the jobs I get or I'm offered are through networking and with recruiters.

By applying for jobs on Indeed or other job platforms, you are a faceless person who they have no connection with.

This is why LinkedIn and how to stand out on LinkedIn is a viable method of getting hired. Read up on it here.

On LInkedIn by search the word "Recruiter". Choose "recruiter in people". And you'll see the different users with the title Recruiter.

Connect with them and say hello and tell them who you are and what your specialties are and should they come across someone with your skills to let you know. Send them your resume when you send them this message.

But before you actually send them a message, look at the company they work for. Some recruiting companies specialize only in certain areas. If you don't fit that, don't bother connecting.

They'll just know that you didn't have the time to even research about that recruitment company.

Another way is by researching on Google or your favorite browser the words "Staffing Agency" or "Recruiting Agency" or "Employment Agency".

Send your resume and cover letter to them.

8. Get Connected with a Temp Agency

A temp agency is a great way to get started in the workforce without experience

A temporary position offers up opportunities to learn and gain new skills.

A lot of companies are always looking to fill temporary positions for various reasons like: one of their employees is about to give birth and take care of her child. Or someone is on an extended vacation.

Working to fill these positions look great on your resume. The more you do, the more skills and experience you attain. And if you are always on time, have great work ethics, then the Temp Agency will most likely give you more and more jobs.

Some temporary positions can also lead to permanent positions. That's why you should always do the best job you can wherever you work.

To find Temp Agencies, just look up "Temp Agencies" on your favorite search engine and apply away.

9. Get Connected with Job Fairs

Job fairs are where you have access to multiple employers at one time and you get an immediate response for the job application

At this present moment job fairs are held online, but it will probably go back to in person later on.

It's still a great idea to be a part of it. And it's great practice for your interviewing skills because you basically have a few minutes to wow them.

You'll normally find Job Fairs or Career Fairs on Eventbrite.

Another great way to find them is by using these key words "Job Fairs" + [your city or state or province] or "Career Fairs" + [your city or state or province].

The End.

That's all there is to it.

Don't listen to the naysayers about how people aren't hiring right now or how difficult it is to get a job.

Yes, it's difficult when you don't know the ins and outs of how the hiring process works and if you don't arm yourself with the right knowledge on obtaining jobs.

Even right now in 2020, there are so many companies hiring. I've had to turn down many job offers.

The thing is, if you have no experience you can't really turn down offers like I can.

Beggars can't be choosers.


Once you do this for sometime, you'll have recruiters knocking at your door.


If you're looking for legitimate work at home jobs, we post FREE remote jobs that you can do from around the world on our Facebook group. Click here for the link.

Okay, so now it's really the end.

Don't forget to subscribe because you don't want to miss any more tricks of the trade on how to get ahead in life. And if you're more of an entrepreneur, we've got that covered too. So subscribe!

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