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How to Make $12,000 Per Month Cooking at Home Or Other Venues

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Get out those culinary skills of yours and make sure the rest of the world gets a taste of it. Your pockets will love you for filling them up with the sound of caching!

Cooking at home
Got cooking skills? Use them to your advantage

We all need to eat. Without eating there would be no people left in this world. So already you know that food will always be in demand.

And at the state we are in, we are basically tired of our own home cooking.

Because let's face it, most of us, including myself, should not be allowed near the kitchen.

This is so that people may not die of food poisoning.

According to Indeed, chefs or cooks on sites like Cozymeal make a whopping average of $12,000 per month!

That's a lot considering that's 40% above the national average.

In case you didn't know what Cozymeal and other sites like it does, they pair local or visiting consumers with chefs to experience some culinary awesomeness.

Chefs could be preparing a meal for an event or instruct cooking classes or even host team building activities related to food.

The sky's the limit!

So is the income!

I mean come on, just looking at the words food and money, you not only salivated but you also buzzed a little inside.

You don't have to confess this to us, because we know.

Because that's most likely you to the right of this text.

That's one very passionate noodle roper!

I can seriously watch him all day.

And you can bet that this guy, were he to be on sites like Cozymeal can command a hefty fee for his food lassoing expertise!

I for one would sign up just to see this much love for noodles.

And I'm not even into noodles.

Because it's carbs.

And carbs doesn't do me specifically any good.

Cook With Love and People Will Flock to You

"Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors--it's how you combine them that sets you apart." -- Wolfgang Puck

There's nothing like being passionate about what you do, because it is what sets you apart from the rest of your competition.

The quality of your food will reflect the joy and passion you have in making it.

If you don't love cooking, then your work will reflect in its flavors.

And so will your pockets.

The less your care, the less money you make.

But if you are the kind of person who even while asleep is dreaming of the different possible recipes you can make because your end goal is to see the joy of people who taste your food, then this business is perfectly suited for you!



There are several ways to make money with Cozymeal: you can either be a chef, offer food tours or provide a venue. And within those categories, there subcategories such as food team building activities, cookie classes, etc.


WIth Dishdivvy you get your own dedicated webpage, menu builder and management, smart dish scheduler, and in-app chats with customers


Make money sharing your passion and earn up to $700 per hosting event. You could have several events in one day. You get additional exposure on travel leaders sites and there's no fixed cost to operate.

It also comes with free booking and guest management tools, as well as marketing tools.


You can either host from your home, a rented space, or showcase your expertise with the visiting world. Cook meals and treat people like family and get paid for it.

You'll need to register the same way as registering when you want to host your home and rent it out to people.


Yummit is at their prelaunch stage and this is a site that allows you to run your own takeout from your kitchen. You decide your own menu, your prices, and your schedule by selling homecooked food from your own kitchen.


Traveling Spoon is looking for passionate cooks who care about the food they create and delight in sharing it with others.

Make money doing what you love and share it with travelers.


ChefsFeed's platform enables culinary professionals and the world's best brands to discover innovative ways to work together online and in real life.


You can make money by hosting dining and dinner parties, hosting outdoor food experiences, cooking classes, tasting and beverage trails, and doing food tours.

Earn Up to $1,000 per experience. This means you can have more than 1 experience per day doing different hosting gigs.

Are you seeing lots of dollar signs now?

Good because we'd love to see your meals showcased out there for the world to see and taste!

Let us know how it goes because we'd love to showcase your success.

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