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How to Make Money Writing in a Hidden In-Demand Niche

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

This hidden niche is vitally important to businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers. And writers are needed to fill that role! But you need to know what to do and how to get found. So make sure you read the rest of the FREE guide and get started on making money writing today!

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Clearly no writer's block with this person

This isn't about writing articles or blogs, although you can if that is the route you wanted to undertake of which we totally recommend.

For there are plenty of ways to make money blogging, but more on that later.

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Or if you are a business and you need to know that blogs are vitally important to scaling your business, then please read:

Why Your Business Should Have a Blog.

There's a hidden segment in the writing industry that most people aren't aware of.


Because it's the nature of things: sometimes you stumble upon things, and sometimes you don't.

This is why it's important to be in the know!

The segment I'm talking about is digital content. But before you dismiss this article, keep reading, because there's more to it than most people know.

But before we get to the good stuff, I like to paint a picture with statistics.

Because without statistics, a person will never feel the impact of how important something is.

Plus, I like making motion graphics, so I might as well utilize my skills.

Motion Graphics Ebook Statistics
Ebooks Make Trees Happy by Xynergystyx

In case you missed the super fast text in the gif, the Global e-book market is expected to reach USD $23.12 billion by 2025.

If you aren't ecstatic by this news, I know some trees that are!

This also means, more opportunities for writers like you!

EBooks are steadily rising and will continue to rise

On a year-to-date basis, eBooks were up 12%, coming in at $544.5 million for the first six months of 2020.

The e-book industry marked an uptick when the pandemic hit and actually made a huge rise in sales in April of this year, 2020.

The pandemic and unrests have not decreased sales in the industry, in fact it actually helped increase it.

Kobo, a digital marketing platform has seen sales increase by 60%.

While Bookshop.org, which was launched just February of this year, saw a 400% increase in sales.

So what is this niche already? Get to the point!

My goodness, someone needs a little bit of Piña Colada!

Companies, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers are not necessarily writers.

And if they are, they are too busy trying to run their business and make money.

And the smart thing to do for any business on entrepreneur is to leverage their time by utilizing skills from writers like you.

This is a win-win for both.

So what type of writing do they need from you exactly?

Anything and every subject they need that pertains to their product and/or service: this can be a simple ad copy, content for their affiliate products, to a full blown eBook.

They could either be as part of a package when they do webinars or as a giveaway to entice more people to purchase their product or service.

And there are some entrepreneurs who know that eBooks are so lucrative that they hire ghostwriters to write their eBooks for them. Then they market the books to digital publishing platforms like Amazon.

It's a numbers game, so the more eBooks they publish, the more income they can generate.

If you are seeing dollars for yourself or whatever currency your eyes like to pop out for, then do!

Because you can make money writing for someone else and for your yourself.

With ghostwriting, you get paid to write, but you don't own it since you were hired for it.

In case your native language is Malphoradium and you just finally learned to watch Friends in English without subtitles, ghostwriting is when you write for someone else and they take credit for your writing.

Not to be confused with ghost writing -- writing about or for ghosts.

In that case, if you write for ghosts as a ghostwriter. Then you just upped your title.

And for that you need a badge of some sort.

The good news is ghostwriting is extremely in demand because you as a writer are a much needed talent to skyrocket anyone's business.

All you have to do is go to the right places and you'll find desperate pleas such as "Please, I need a ghostwriter fast!" or "Aaaah. Help! Writer. Somebody!"

Since you won't be credited as a ghostwriter, it is known that you can rate your ghostwriting services at a much higher rate than writers who are bylined (or their names are credited).

A ghostwriter by the name of Kelly James-Enger says the following about how much she makes:

$20,000 for a 60,000-word health book

$15,000 for a 40,000-word business book

$12,000 for a 55,000-word memoir

$25,000 for an 80,000-word nutrition/fitness book

That's just for eBooks. She hasn't even mentioned about the other digital content she writes as a ghostwriter.


1. Start small and work your way up

Establish that you are good at what you do by the small things that you do well

If you're a first time writer then this is like a chicken and the egg thing.

You don't have credibility if no one gives you a chance to write. And if no one gives you a chance to write, then you have no credibility.

Such pessimistic attitude! Go drink some happy juice.

Someone will always give you a chance.

If you give up, then duh, no one will give you a chance!

I find that in any type of creative work, people are not really looking at your background or experience. They're looking at your capabilities.

Are you capable of writing? Say yes, to this answer.

The answer is always yes.

It's not about inherent talent, it's about desire. Desire always brings about change because desire drives you to make those changes needed to accomplish what you want.

I've been a creative all my life, but there are some parts of creativity I never thought about doing. Writing being one of them.

One day I saw a job listing for a doctor who needed someone to ghostwrite content for his website.

And since I suffer from occupation curiosity syndrome, I applied for it. I had no experience whatsoever. He hired me anyway.

And I got paid for it.

One could say that was a mere fluke.

I see your negative connotation and I'll up your ante with this piece of information:

Years later, I saw another post for a newspaper looking for freelance journalists and I thought, "I'm curious, why not!"

Of course I had to show some writing samples and my resume.

I had no writing samples.

Why? Because I'm not a journalist.

But I like a challenge and I just wanted to know if I could get the job.

So I prepared for it by writing several samples before the interview.

And yes, I did get the job.

And yes, I got paid because it was a legit newspaper publication.

And yes, I had so much free perks that came with it like Sony Music wanting me to review their client's music and I begrudgingly had to go to a free concert where I met the artist and had an awesome time!

Do I seem like someone who can just get a job that easily?

One could say that.


Because I know the tactics to getting a job, and it's not because I have the experience.

How to Get a Job with Little to No Experience

So how do you start small?

By writing right away.

After you read this article.

Because you won't know where to submit yourself to be found.

But after the article, write content that interests you.

So when the time comes when someone wants to see your work, you actually have that handy.

Don't be like me doing things at the last possible moment.

Little girl with laptop
This little girl knows to start early!

2. Know the right formatting

Formatting can make or break your writing business

I used to write screenplays and your spec script can be rejected just because formatting was wrong.

There are different formats for TV, Film, and Commercials. If you don't know the correct format, you're deemed as someone incompetent and unprofessional.

it's the same thing in the eBook industry.

When I first started out writing eBooks for Kindle, I had such a difficult time formatting it the right way.

I was horrified after publishing it to see things were looking mighty horrific on epub. Whatever I did was not translating well.

Nowadays you don't have to worry about that if you have the right tool.

There's an eBook creator that I highly recommend.

I wish I had this when I first started. I would have saved money from buying tons of pain medication for all the headaches I encountered.

Sqribble is a point and click eBook creator with 50 templates and 300 style layouts. No technical skills or design skills required.

  • EBooks studio creates books in minutes

  • Optimized for mobile viewing

  • Themes in multiple niche categories

  • Photoshop or other expensive design software are not required to design with this software

  • Cloud-based so you can write anywhere

  • Fully customizable

  • Unlimited pages

  • Add design elements

  • Free ready-to-go agency professional website so you can take orders for people needing your services right away

View Sqribble's features here and scroll down to see the video on how it works.

As of this writing, they have a $40.20 off coupon.

So instead of paying $67.00, you'll end up with a pretty big discount when you put in the coupon code (make sure when you go on the site that you look at the current coupon code and use that)

The total price with the coupon code is $26.80

3. Finding jobs and clients

Writing is the easy part, finding the jobs and clients is the more difficult part...for others, that is, who don't know where to find it.

I think it's best to start you off with a bang and take you to a place where most people don't go.

Because where most people don't go, there's less competition.

The odds are basically stacked for you.

Journey with me to the underground world known as Facebook groups.

What?! But I'm already on the People Who Dress Up Their Gerbils group!

That's a good group to be in. But no.

Since we are a research company that actually loves to give away information for free, we made it easy for those looking for remote jobs, so you don't have to do the research.

Writing jobs are among the jobs we post. It's free, they're totally legit jobs. So make sure to join the Virtual Work Group.

Here are the following places you should register with to get more writing jobs:


Compare what other sellers are selling their ghostwriting services for so you would know how much to price your services when you're starting out. Then increase your price the more work you do and the more ratings you get.

Don't be intimidated by the lowballers on Fiverr because a lot of them are from countries whose native language isn't English and they won't be able to understand the nuances of how English is used in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

They won't be able to connect with the target audience of a specific country as someone who lives there.

For smaller pieces, yes people purchase their services. But for bigger and more important projects, businesses and entrepreneurs always use writers who live in the country their targeting their products and/or services to.

I highly recommend adding that you are a native [fill in the blank country] speaker to stand out from the rest on your gig image and description.

Fiverr has a smart, seamless freelancer tool to build, manage and grow your freelance business which tracks your business and does automate invoicing.

You can check them out here.


On Upwork, you'll be able to bid on jobs as well as be found by clients who are looking for your services.


Freeup is a freelance marketplace dedicated to connecting business owners with talented freelancers and remote workers all over the world.


You can look under "Gigs" on the bottom right side or under "Jobs". You can also list your writing services under "Services"


Freelancers has a free Preferred Freelancer category where you get exclusive access to projects and be able to stand out from everyone else.


Become and official Online Writing Jobs Freelancer and take advantage of writing jobs that pay well and weekly.


You get paid 70% of what the client pays Writer Access and you get to work with the best brands and agencies.


Clients are looking for writers at all skill levels, which means a part-time writing looking to learn a new trade will find relevant opportunities, as will a professional writer or editor who makes their living freelancing.


Since Verblio is a subscription based model, their clients are always needing fresh content every month. Find customers who love your work, and you can write for them again and again.


Scripted's mission is to pair the best writers with the best clients. You'll be working directly with businesses and build relationships through in-app messaging.

Man writing on laptop
Write On and Keep that Content Coming!

4. Write Your Own Content

There's nothing like being free to write whatever you want and getting paid for it. This is the reason to wake up in the morning.

For now we'll talk about eBooks. But stay tuned to how writing your own blog will generate you more income!

This is where you subscribe so you don't miss that next important information that could alter your destiny.

Amazon Kindle is not the only space to sell your digital content. It's best to always spread your eBooks across many platforms.

But before we get to the other platforms, it's good practice to know profitable niches to write about so you can get a head start.


  • Look at the top 100 best-selling books in each category and only look at the top 100 paid books.

  • Search potential topics and make a list of 30 niche ideas

  • Don't go for the high-demand niches because of the stiff competition. Instead aim for the smaller but still profitable niches.

  • Look at how many books are sold per day under the sellers rank. 1 book per day for a sellers rank at 100,000 is a good niche to do.

  • Also when results are under 100 for a niche that you searched then there's less competition.



Payhip is the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships to your audience for recurring revenue. They make it easy for you to sell your eBooks and other digital assets to your customers.


Feiyr supplies more than 165 online portals with your eBook including Amazon, iTunes, and more


Blurb has Apple iBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble integration through the Ingram catalog.

A little bit of a caveat when it comes to writing ebooks for yourself. You'll need to write a whole lot of ebooks to actually make it worth the time and effort plus doing the marketing.

But if this is your passion and you know you have those winning ideas, then don't let anything stop you.

Because you are the maker of your own destiny.

And successful people are the ones who never quit when adversities came their way.

In fact, it is a guarantee that adversity always gets in your face and screams at you to back off.

Just look at adversity in the eye and say, "Your bad breath turns me off. Brush your teeth and get out of my way!"

There are more ways to earning money for doing what you enjoy, so please subscribe here so you can be notified of these opportunities.

And we look forward to seeing you again!

Write on!

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