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Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Learn how to find legitimate work at home jobs and how to land positions without experience. These are real jobs that hire full time or part time or contract employees.

Work at home jobs are some of the most sought after jobs to have in this day and age.

Why wouldn't most people want it?

You save more time instead of having to commute to and from work.

You save money instead of having commuting expenses.

You don't have to wake up as early.

Your outfit can be business on top and party at the bottom.

And please, we do mean that your underwear should at least be sanitized and anti bacterialized. The word doesn't exist, but we will be petitioning about this soon.

And then there is the holy grail of jobs -- being able to work anywhere in the world!

This could mean a whole lot of different places to people.

Some could be on a beach in Fiji.

And there are some who prefer to work in a rat infested hole.

To each their own. No judgment here.

The only problem is, not every company offers remote jobs and trying to find legitimate paying virtual jobs is a bit of a pain.


Because the first things that comes up in your search on Google for example are the jobs sites that dominate Google's ranking like Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

If you have tried to apply to those by now, you'll find it's a bit more difficult because you are just number 2,341 faceless applicant.

And if you see virtual jobs on social media they're most likely advertising the menial ones or some sort of survey.

But if you're looking for actual legitimate full time, part time, freelance or contract jobs that do pay, then this article is for you.

Even though we are currently living in times where a lot of people are working from home, it's temporary, because you'll see on job sites like Indeed, it will say temporary.

Meaning when the time comes where it's okay to go back to an actual physical job site, then say goodbye to wearing just underwear.

You'll have to commute and rejoin the rat race.

Now, not everyone is into working from home.

There are some who seem to love getting up so early, torturing themselves through insane amount of traffic, spending money on jacked up lunch prices, being around a bunch of people they smile at but secretly want to punch, and spend most of their lives inside walls that they can't even sleep in.


You tell me. Because I don't understand it either.

Now for the rest who actually value time and money, working from home is doable. In fact, you don't have to work for just one company if you really want to make more money.

You can work as much or as less as you want. It's your call.

But you need to know where to find these free legitimate jobs.

Before we actually give you that free information, let's talk about how to land these jobs.

Yes, we at Xynergystyx [syner+gis+ticks] like to prolong and torture our readers sometimes.

I believe it's Torture Your Reader's Day somewhere in Timbuktu. And as good citizens of the world we try as much as possible to celebrate some obscure nonexistent holidays.

Man working on Computer
This is some intense back breaking work he's doing.

First, the good news!

This is where you actually celebrate by breaking out the champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in anticipation for this said good news.


There are bunch of work at home jobs that don't require experience. Or the requirement isn't a whole lot.

There it's been said.

Or in this case, it's been written and set in virtual stone.

Experience Not Necessary

Because of the amount of jobs that are available, companies are desperate to hire people that they're willing to take anyone who really wants to work

This is when most people in their right hungry minds would go, "I'm on it!"

Take for instance this job that was just posted:

" Customer Service Rep:

This position is full time (40 hours a week) Monday to Friday. Training will be conducted virtually from your home.

Answer incoming calls from physician offices and clinics.

Deliver information and answer questions.

Required Qualifications:

High School Diploma/GED/ or equivalent work experience

Familiarity with computer and windows PC."

You can find the job posting on this link here.

With what they're looking for, most people would basically qualify for this job.

Despite what you see on the news, the job market is actually growing.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the non farm payroll employment soared by 1.37 million in August of this year and the unemployment rate fell to 8.4%.

Companies, since Covid are reconsidering work at home jobs for their employees and creating more work at home jobs for the future.

Because we live in an information economy and a gig economy, the transition to this working-from-home economy" makes it easier to accept in this day and age.

In fact 42% of the US labor force now works from home full time. A number of corporations are developing plans for more work-from-home options beyond the pandemic.

I come from the commercial real estate world and a lot of businesses are now turning to telecommuting instead of going to an actual physical space.

Bad for the commercial real estate industry, great for those who want to work in their underwear.

Yet, there are still people who are unemployed due to several unfortunate circumstances like being laid off.

This is why Xynergystyx was started. This site was born out of the need to help those who are seeking to find answers in careers, business, and finances. And hopefully, one of them is what you're looking for.

We have a free job group on Facebook where we post free legitimate work at home jobs to those looking to work from home.

We make it easier for you so you don't have to search all over the place. Just come and visit us on Facebook--link here-- and see if there's something that interests you.

Experience Necessary

Don't let those words stop you. There have been many instances where a company hires those without experience

But it also depends on what type of job you're applying for.

If you're going to try to apply for a Full Stack Developer job and you don't even have an inclination for coding and developing, then either you have hutzpah or you're cerebrally on a whole 'nother level.

But there are a lot of remote jobs that don't need specialized skills. Like customer service.

You just need to like people and don't mind getting yelled at.

So if you see, "must have this..." for customer service. Ignore it.

Wow them with your wonderfully worded resume and cover letter and let them know that your empathetic and customer relational skills are off the chart and you delight in getting return customers.

If you haven't read How to Get a Job with Little to no Experience, I highly recommend reading it here.

And also some great tips on How to Get Hired in 2020 here.

Based on the jobs that we post on our Virtual Jobs Facebook group, I'd say 75% of the jobs aren't highly specialized and are pretty easy to do.

Some of the jobs are:

  1. Customer Service

  2. Chat agents

  3. Moderators

  4. Content writers

  5. Video Game tester

  6. Tutors

  7. Raters

  8. Social Media managers

And there are many more, some are actually a bit strange but fun. We've posted jobs like getting paid $50,000 to explore America's national parks.

We'd love to know when you get a remote job, so be sure to contact us here and send us a message.

We are always routing for your success!

So make sure you join our Virtual Facebook group here. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter here so you'll always be in the know.

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