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Make $1000 a Day with Your Truck

Learn how you can use your truck to make a whole lot of money per day and where you can go to find these opportunities.

Blue Pickup Truck
700 Horse Powered Money Making Machine

Car owners already make money with their vehicles.

Well, those who know how to make money with their vehicles do make money with their vehicles instead of letting it be a liability.

If you are a car owner and would like to know how to make money with your car, then this article here is for you.

However, Truck owners stand to make a lot more money than car owners.


Because there is a greater need for trucks than there are for cars. That is, when it is used as a utility.

Trucks have more space and can withstand more load.

And not everyone has a truck.

This means that there is a greater demand than there is a supply for trucks.

So...truck owners rejoice. It's money-making time!

Hauling, Loading, and Moving

Trucks are in high demand due to the need of transportation of large items such as wood, gravel, and furniture

Because companies, families, and individuals don't normally have access to a truck they prefer to hire truck-owners and their trucks instead of purchasing this large piece of vehicle for themselves.

Hauling is considered the fastest way to earn money as a truck driver as most businesses have a lot of waste and no way of transporting it to landfills.

So is loading and moving things.

People would rather hire movers than do it themselves.

Because it is a pain in the rear end to do.

And most of us don't even have the muscle mass for that!

And in addition to pretty large tips of which a hauler and mover receive 100% of it, junk hauling can give you the opportunity to find "treasures".

Sadly, people have a tendency to throw things away that are actually pretty valuable, not knowing how much they could earn if they actually tried to sell it on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

But so great for the junk hauler to make additional income.

To get you started, it's best to be a part of a site and list yourself as a Hauler as well as list your services on sites like Craigslist.



Set your own hours and get paid weekly. They even have an app where you can get instant notifications of jobs near you.


Grow your hauling business with Curb It. The Curb It Hauler app leads more jobs to you. You can easily track your jobs on the app's dashboard. Curb It handles all invoicing and payment collection and funds are automatically deposited on your checking account.


Depending on the size of your truck, you'll know your average earnings. For example the average earning for a Box Truck is $85 per hour.


Earn up to $2,500 per week as a lugger. Lugg's drivers and helpers make more money in tips than any other on-demand service. Get paid every day via direct deposit in your bank.

Feel free to apply as a helper even if you don't own a truck.


Join Dolly and make money with your truck, trailer, van or even just your helping hands and get paid for it. Make $30/hr or more with a truck and $15/hr or more as a helper.


Make up to $1,400 per week with Burro. According to their site, their one day record earnings was $610 in one day.


Get job alerts in your phone app and accept jobs that you want to accept


Accept Pikkups with a push of a button and make up to $45 per hour.


Even if you don't have a truck you can still apply to be a helper with Pickup.


According to LoadUp you can earn $243,360 per year doing 10 or more jobs per day.


Select Express is seeking Independent Contractors that can provide their trucks as couriers or home delivery as well as assembly.



Get Dump Truck work with Trux. You're guaranteed to get paid weekly via direct deposit when you use Trux to manager your business. They also have an app to make it easier for you to manage your business and view available work.


Find load postings as soon as they become available from contractors through their app. And their membership is free.


Budget Dumpster actually brings orders to you and not leads. This means actual jobs so you can just haul stuff away. And it's free to participate.


Scale your operations with Dumpsters partnership program. It's free at no cost to you.

Cargo Van
Make Use of Your Cargo Van

Now keep in mind, hauling stuff is already pretty lucrative when you have a truck where you can easily make six figures a year.

How much more if you added what car owners do to make money out of their vehicles like wrapping your vehicle with ads and getting paid for it. Or delivering items for Amazon and other companies like Amazon.

Article on how to make money with your car can be read here so don't miss out on it. Because why would you if you want to make more money!

Your truck will be a non-stop money-making machine.

Also, if you want to keep most of your hard-earned moolah instead of it going to Uncle Sam who isn't even a relative, then you need to read this article here or else you'll lose most of your earnings.

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