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Make $10,000 Per Year Passive Income Renting Your Parking and Storage Space

Don't let your unused space go to waste and learn how to make a monthly income with the extra space you have.

Yellow garage doors
Garages that brighten your day because it's yellow. And yellow reminds people of...the color yellow

If you haven't noticed by now, you can make money with just about anything.

Enterprising people see this as another opportunity to make their banking institutions giddy like a little schoolgirl.

That's because banks make money off of your hard earned money while you get measly cents interest in return.

More on that on another article and how you can make more money out of your hard earned money.

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In this day and age, when you are in-the-know, there really is no excuse to not earn regular income or extra income.

You can rent or sell anything, including your time and friendship. And yes, there's money to be made on that.


Because apparently there's a need for friendship.

Go figure!

Rent Out Your Parking Space

You can rent out your parking space for a few hours or even for as long as you want while helping those in need of a parking spot

We've all been there: we get to the area for an event or an appointment. We even drive there super early thinking that would make a difference.

But no!

No it doesn't.

Instead of getting to the event or appointment on time, you end up circling the block over and over only to end up 10 blocks away and you still haven't found parking!

Obviously, this is not going to make sense if you lived in the boondocks, but for those dwelling in or visiting metropolis areas, this is a major cause for hair pulling.

And there are actual statistics!

Apparently even with just the Americans, they spend an average of 17 hours per year looking for places to park.

I'd hate to think what India, China, and countries in Europe have to go through.

I once waited 2 hours to find parking.

That's 2 hours I could have napped, bathed, learned a language, and saved the world.

Depending on where you live and what events are happening, you can charge as high as you someone is willing to pay.

Because, yes, people are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to see their lives pass them by.

Plus, this is another passive way for you to earn money. Basically doing less to nothing work to earn income.

More passive streams of income on this article here you don't want to miss.


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Rent Out Your Storage Space

People will pay for convenience. If your storage space or garage is at the renter's convenient location, they would rather rent from you than have to find a further location

More and more people seem to keep accumulating stuff.

And stuff need storage.

This is why people on the site Neighbor are able to earn $10,000 in passive income a year.

Some need to store their collectibles, equipments, cars, RVs, boats, trailers, and anything else people want to store including things we hope they don't store.

Make sure you actually check out your state's law about renting out a garage or storage space, but they typically fall outside the jurisdiction of Landlord and Tenant laws.

If you ever run into the problem of your space taking up a ton of storage, according to a tip from Stow It, a solution would be renting out one of the spaces for yourself but to check with your CPA to see what you can and cannot get away with.


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Also, your neighbors might be hoarders and hoarders need more space.

So you might as well advertise around your neighborhood that you are willing, out of the kindness of your heart, and the goodness of your pockets, that you are renting out your storage space.

It's what good neighbors do.

There, I gave you a slogan.

Well, you made it all the way down to this level. I'm not surprised. This article is short. And we thank you for reading and subscribing here because you're cool and you know how to scroll all the way down to this area.

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