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Side Hustles Where You Make $150,000 Doing Odd Jobs and Tasks

The Gig Economy is booming and you would be remiss if you didn't get in on the action because every side hustle adds up to big bucks! Learn how to be a part of it and where to find these odd jobs in this article for FREE!

Delivering Grocery
Side Hustles that Pay!

In 2019, in the United States alone, around 57 million people--that's 35% of the workforce in the country--worked as freelancers.

That's because 33% of businesses use gig workers. In fact, 44% of people working in the gig economy use gigs as their primary source of income.

Nearly $1 trillion in income is contributed each year by freelancers. That's huge considering that's 5% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

What's so great about the gig economy when it's not a full time job, and what about the health benefits, huh? Explain yourself!

First, your underwear may be too tight and you need to loosen it up a bit.

Second, it's a great way to be independent, work when you want to, and not have to answer to a boss.

Hello, sign us all up!

And because you work for yourself, you are considered an independent contractor. Which means you own your own business.

As for insurance, yes you'll have to pay for yourself. But there are plenty of health insurance for independent contractors.

I will touch upon that in a later article.

Just to be clear, even if you work as an employee, some companies only pay partial health insurance.

Plus the taxes taken out of your income is pretty high and you can't write things off.

So working for yourself even if you're paying your own health insurance ends up a lot cheaper and you have more money in your pocket.

How? By forming your business as an LLC and choosing to be taxed as an S Corp. Read up on it here. Because if you don't you're seriously missing out on keeping a lot more money.

Can You Really Make A Lot of Money Doing Odd Jobs?

Yes. Yes you can! In fact according to TaskRabbit, some taskers make $150,000 per year just with TaskRabbit alone.

A friend of mine who dabbled in Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit told me that he made close to $200,000 a year just from doing those odd jobs.

That didn't even include his other side businesses like investing and startups.

He is one busy guy. But the odd jobs were exactly the vehicle he needed to fund his investments and startup companies.

I'm still waiting for him to treat me to a Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan or two. But that would be my fault since I still haven't gone and visited him.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think he ever specified food.

I'm just hungry.

Irrelevant but gastronomically eye-catching image

Of course, the pay can vary depending on your location, the tasks you take on, and your expertise.

To maximize your full earning potential regardless of your location, I highly recommend doing tasks online as well.

Click here to see the free online jobs.

What Are These Side Hustles or Tasks?

The tasks you do really depends on what the person looking to hire wants.

It runs the gamut.

And no, rat catching in the gutters no longer exists and most likely won't be one of the jobs listed.

I know. It's sad that you can no longer do this.

But maybe you can do this in your spare time. Then post it on Youtube because surely, there's an audience for that!

Enthusiastic Rat Catcher. Can we blame him?

These side hustles, odd jobs and tasks consists of you shopping for someone, assemble an Ikea furniture. And some want you to do administrative work.

There's plenty to choose from.

Best of all, you pick and choose which tasks you want to do and when to make yourself available.

Remember the more available you are and the more you say yes, the more money you earn.

And the more great reviews you get, the more you can command a higher rate.

As soon as you sign up, set your own pay rates and know your worth.

Research on how much the task is in your market. Like what is the average rate for that job in your area?

How Do You Get These Jobs?

Register for free and fill out their necessary forms. Once you get in you'll go through their onboarding process.

Some of these sites have mobile apps for your convenience. So make sure you download their apps and set it so you can receive notifications.



These are everyday tasks including cleaning, moving, administrative, delivery, handyman work.


Tasks include tagging images, transcribing audio, moderating content. Get paid weekly with Paypal.


Zaarly consists of home handyman services such as gutter cleaning, landscaping, cleanup, etc.


Tasks include web moderation, social media content, categorization of products and images, collection of data.


Find quick jobs at local stores and shops. Take photos of products, check prices, and review promotions. Payments are sent 48 hours after approval.


Mystery shopping, auditing, surveys.


Administrative work such as: making phone calls on behalf of people, scheduling appointments, tracking down the best prices, finding hotels, data entry.


Provide human insight into audio, video, or files such as: Image annotation, adding keywords, language assessment.


Listen to recorded phone calls, answer questions, and earn money.


Care is a caregiving site that matches people in need of care from infants to senior citizens.


From cleaners to handymen to smart home installers, Handy is always looking for service professionals.


Find small gigs, temporary and part time as an errand runner.


Get paid to play with dogs. Set your own schedule and offer any combination of pet services such as pet sitting, dog walking, dog boarding, etc.


Earn up to $22/hr shopping and delivering things people love.


Earn money shopping for others and work whenever you like.


Earn $15/hr or more with a flexible part time schedule shopping at WholeFoods for Amazon Prime members.


Jobble connects gig and hourly workers with actively hiring companies across the United States.


Even if gigs are not open near you, GigSmart connects you to part-time and full-time positions too.


Connecting pet walkers, sitters, and trainers with a nationwide community of pet parents.


Make 30/hr or more by using your truck, trailer, or just your hands to get paid working whenever you choose.


Make $1,000 + per week doing lawn care services.


Variety of jobs: Warehouse operations, general labor, delivery drivers, food production, event staffing, washing and cleaning, administrative, merchandising


Become a mover with Bellhop and help people move things.


Earn up to $90/hr solving tech problems.


Make $40 - $60 hourly -- 2-3x what shops and dealers pay as an auto mechanic.


Make money as a wellness expert: Masseuse, nursing, physical therapy


Take home 100% of your earnings including tips by doing deliveries.

Whew, that's an exhaustive list!

I know!

I know.

Baby yawning
My sentiments exactly

Don't Let Uncle Sam Take Too Much of Your Money

It's really important to be informed on the business of the gig economy and taxes because if you don't you'll end up losing out on time and money.

If you think not declaring income at all is going to help you, you might just end up paying too much when the IRS comes knocking at your door.

Tax evasion is illegal.

But tax avoidance totally legal.

Tax avoidance is when you lessen your tax liability and maximize after tax-income.

Tax evasion is when you deliberately avoid or underpay taxes.

It's always best to be on the up and up and do things the legal way because contrary to popular belief you'll actually end up paying less taxes and keep more of your hard earned money.

So make sure to read about it here because it's really important.

Accounting is super important too. If you would rather save and do it yourself instead of hiring an accountant, Freshbooks is actually the best software for that.

Right now it's 60% off with the link below (Click on the image).

You're able to track your expenses, time and invoice clients. It's way more simple than Quickbooks.

And that is all folks. My fingers are exhausted and need a little R&R.

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